Getting started with Selftrader

The basics about Selftrader and how to use the platform to your benefit.

What is Selftrader?

Selftrader is a tool that suggests you to buy or sell stocks. The suggestions are built upon the current market situation, the stock characteristic, earnings-data, technical stock indicators, estimations of finance experts and a lot of other values.

How to use Selftrader?

First you have to subscribe to stocks. Those stocks are your active stocks. You will get trading notifications for your active stocks. If you set a stock active and you got a suggestion, you can execute the trading suggestion at your online broker. After your online broker handled your order, you have to take over the transaction stock price to Selftrader. Since Selftrader know, that you executed the suggestion, it is now ready to let you know when to sell the stock. Or you can use the trading bot. Everything is handled automatically then.

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